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Earth Day 2016

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Earth Day4


“The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

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Sensitive skin

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2015_07_25-ElephantBathSurprisingly, much like humans, elephants have very sensitive skin. While they probably don’t have organic lotion options, everyone else can try KMIG on skin problems of all types.  Order on-line today; free shipping.


Elephant, National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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What is everyone looking at?

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What is so interesting over there? Is the word finally out about organic gluten-free itch relief products??  For those who haven’t experienced all natural relief to skin irritations, order some Kiss My Itch Goodbye today.

Asian small-clawed otters, National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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Heads up

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Heads up for spring. It is almost here and with it comes an opportunity to prepare for insect bites. Order some KMIG today.

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We have been dealing with winter-related skin problems for months.  Finally there are indications that spring is on the way.  Make plans today to get out and enjoy it before we have to think about insect bites, poison ivy and other warm weather issues.

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Bad hair day?

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Ginger, big hair

KMIG isn’t very useful when your hair decides to have a bad day, but for skin problems, check it out.





Ginger, St. Louis Zoo

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Winter weather – not your skin’s BFF

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Snowzilla has just paid a visit to a large swath of the east coast and left behind snow, ice, freezing rain, and dry skin.  Our skin will pay a price for all that time spent outdoors.  Treat frequently with Kiss My Itch Goodbye for best results.

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