Long Lasting Itch Relief

Need results? Look this way!

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If you are looking for fast results when dealing with winter skin problems, take a look at this! Kiss My Itch Goodbye deals with so many cold weather skin problems. Just a few days of treatment resolves most issues and leaves skin smooth once again.

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Time for warm woolen mittens

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Cracked fingertips are one of the first signs of winter for many people. This is the year to avoid that painful skin irritation… Just a drop of Kiss My Itch Goodbye’s organic, gluten-free lotion on the tip of each finger will get you through the season problem-free.

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Organic, it’s not just about your diet…

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Have you noticed it’s easier to add organic produce to your diet than to find organic skin care products? Take time to read the label…

Dama gazelle, National Zoo
Photo, Allen Richon

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Thanksgiving, just around the corner

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Thanksgiving week is bringing with it very windy weather and dropping temperatures. Now is the perfect time to stock up on KMIG for all of those skin problems brought to us by cold, dry air.


Photo, Allen Richon

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Organic and gluten-free

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redtailedmonkey1-2016_11_04-0119Your skin may enjoy organic products just as your body appreciates having them as part of your diet. KMIG is made of plant-based ingredients, all sourced in the U.S. And, it is also gluten-free.


Red-tailed Guenon, National Zoo

Photo, Allen Richon

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Time to rethink treatment for irritated skin?

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Following the leader when treating skin problems isn’t necessarily the solution your skin requires. Think outside the box and consider an organic, gluten-free option.



Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Bei Bei, National Zoo
Photo, Allen Richon

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Puzzled about organic skin care options?

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As confusing as it is when you consider the range of products available, organic, gluten-free skin care options do exist, but you need to take a few minutes to read the labels.  KMIG is made from a small number of plant-based ingredients, all of which are sourced in the U.S.  Organic, not just a good option for your diet, but also a good option for your skin.


Black and white lemur, National Zoo

Photo, Allen Richon

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