Long Lasting Itch Relief

Itch relief, now!

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While throwing dirt on your back to stay cool as well as reduce bites and stings works for elephants, humans frequently suffer from insect problems that require relief. Organic Kiss My Itch Goodbye, safe and effective.  Readily available in both 2 and 4 ounce containers.

Kandula – Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Photo – Allen Richon

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Rain and more rain = mosquitoes

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Hey mosquito… You do realize that if you bite me, I will very likely bite back, so you might be well advised to go find a human to annoy.
National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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Time to travel

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PassportSummer and travel are synonymous.   Whether you are headed out on a short trip, or something more exotic requiring a passport, please take a few minutes to read some tips in our latest Whole Foods Magazine article http://www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/blog/think-locally-act-globally-staying-healthy-when-traveling-abroad

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Play ball!

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Yankee Stadium


Before you head to the ball park to watch your team win, check out these points in our latest Whole Foods Magazine article:


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Summer is here – get out and enjoy!!

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2015_06_07-GorillaNapRelaxing outdoors – highly underrated. Find some time to kick back and enjoy nature. If the occasional bug decides to share your space and leave you with a memento of the visit, get out the KMIG. After all, that is how KMIG came into being, one mosquito on a rooftop deck in summer.
Photo – Smithsonian’s National Zoo – Allen Richon

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Latest article in Whole Foods Magazine

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Veggie and flower garden


Gardening is one of the highlights of summer for millions of people.  If you are growing flowers, veggies, or a combination of the two,  take a few minutes to read this Whole Foods Magazine article about a very popular past time.


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A call for meaningful social media

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Social Media logo


All businesses devote endless hours and thought to the utilization of social media. We at Kiss My Itch Goodbye hope you will enjoy this call for posts and tweets that actually inform. Check it out at The Social Media Monthly:

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