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Chemicals and skin absorption

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We don’t often give this much thought, but please keep in mind that chemicals can be absorbed by the skin. More and more data is appearing that links perfumes and cosmetics that contain formaldehyde to dermatitis, chronic itch, rashes and blisters. It is very important to know exactly what is in the products you use daily from cosmetics to cleaning products.
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Dangers of long-term corticosteriod creams

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Treating dry skin, no matter the underlying cause, should be done frequently, but with thought to the products being used. Long-term application of strong corticosteroid creams may cause serious adverse effects, including skin thinning. When possible, use organic products, and don’t forget to read the label; know what you are putting on your skin.

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Useful links for chronic skin problems

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If skin problems are becoming more of an issue and you want to better understand the possible conditions that may be the cause, here are some organizations providing timely information:
National Eczema Foundation (http://www.nationaleczema.org)
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American (http://www.aafa.org)
National Psoriasis Foundation (http://www.psoriasis.org)
American Contact Dermatitis Society (http://www.contactderm.org)

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100 Million People

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Happiness = relief from itch, including that unreachable one in the middle of your back. We are pleased to offer organic, gluten-free relief to all of you who are among the ~100 million people in the U.S. dealing with the itch associated with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and a host of other medical issues every day.

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Winter temperatures mean dry skin

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BRRRRRRRR… Cold weather has descended on much of the nation. Forecast in many locations calls for single digit temperatures and wind gusts up to 40mph. Keep pre-treating those areas that tend to be even more problematic in winter.

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Made in the USA

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We at KMIG love being unique, especially when it comes to things such as producing products that are both sourced and manufactured in the U.S.  Not many companies can make that claim today, but it is very important to us since we are supplying organic, gluten-free products that are safe for use by you and your entire family.

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Fantastic feedback

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No surprise that we love hearing from our customers…  This arrived from someone who is treating a chronic skin condition:

“I love love love this stuff; nothing has ever worked. I get compliments every day on how nice my skin looks.”

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