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Itchy dog skin, no problem

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Sleeping puppies

Did you know that Kiss My Itch Goodbye is available for dogs?

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Business Superstar features an interview with KMIG’s CEO, Merry Richon | chronic itch

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| 09.07.2015

Merry Richon is an entrepreneur and the Founder of Kiss My Itch Goodbye, a safe and organic means of alleviating the symptoms of chronic itch and irritated skin. We spoke with her about what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Click here to read the interview: http://www.business-superstar.com/superstar-of-the-week/merry-richon-ceo-of-kiss-my-itch-goodbye-washington-d-c/

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Dogs and chemicals… A dangerous combination

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Check out this piece just posted by Dogs Naturally Magazine.  Dog lovers know how difficult it can be to treat their pet’s itchy skin so read through this list of chemicals and perhaps you can avoid some canine skin problems before they start.


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How to deal with the seemingly intractable itch

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Chronic Itch?



If an itch just won’t go away no matter how much you scratch, it must be time to apply our homeopathic lotion, Kiss My Itch Goodbye…

Lion cub, National Zoo

Photo – Allen Richon

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Yards + gardening = insect bites

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I’ve noticed that whenever I hang out in the yard, weeding or eating the occasional plant, I seem to have problems with insect bites… Wonder if someone might share some KMIG with me?

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Itch relief, now!

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How to solve insect problems?



While throwing dirt on your back to stay cool as well as reduce bites and stings works for elephants, humans frequently suffer from insect bites that require a better approach to relieve the itch. Organic Kiss My Itch Goodbye, a safe and effective homeopathic lotion for all types of itch.  Readily available in both 2 and 4 ounce containers.

Kandula – Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Photo – Allen Richon

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Rain and more rain = mosquitoes

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Hey mosquito… You do realize that if you bite me, I will very likely bite back, so you might be well advised to go find a human to annoy.
National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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