Long Lasting Itch Relief

Great review from a customer

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Hands clapping


Applause from our customers is the best advertisement for KMIG:
“WOW! This product is incredible. The itch stopped at the first touch. I was truly amazed at the impact this lotion has on any skin problem.”

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Happy holidays on the way

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We in DC are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and what better place to start than the rotunda of National Gallery on The Mall.  As always, the rotunda is beautifully decorated including all of the trees surrounding the space.  By the time you tour this lovely space and the atrium area of Library of Congress, you are definitely in the holiday spirit.

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Fall into a vat of KMIG

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Stick figure swimming


When a customer gets in touch to order a vat of KMIG, you know someone’s skin is very, very happy. Swimming in lotion – the perfect prescription for keeping winter skin problems at bay.  With your own “pool” of lotion, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and more will vanish.

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

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Preferences in shoes varies greatly from one person to another, but one thing we all have in common is a dislike for dry, flaky heels.  Before you head off to those holiday parties, put just a dab of KMIG on each heel, rub it in, and smooth heels are yours!

This amazing exhibit of shoes if currently on view at the Freer Sackler and will run until June 7, 2015.  It was compiled by Chiharu Shiota and the photo was taken by Allen Richon.

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KMIG on Green Divas Radio Show

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Green Divas Funding


We are pleased to be talking about itch and the need to offer consumers “green” products on an upcoming Green Divas Radio Show in January.  Watch for the date and time.  Meanwhile, the Green Divas have launched a fundraising campaign which we hope you will support:

We want to create change with #GDGDRadio.  Please contribute to (and share up!) our crowdfunding campaign at FundGDGD.com  Every dollar, every time you share, helps. We can’t do it without you!

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Eczema and atopic dermatitis

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These two chronic skin problems are frequently made even worse by winter weather conditions.  Cold dry air and low humidity combine to cause even more suffering.  KMIG Skin Repair & Relief to the rescue!

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New packaging

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shallow tin containers


KMIG is in the process of adding to our size options for your next order.  A .5 ounce container of our organic, gluten-free lotion is the perfect size for your desk drawer, purse, backpack or briefcase.  And what better travel accessory to deal with that dry skin we experience once winter begins?

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