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Made with Pride and Professionalism: Why America Matters


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The only guide you need this winter

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KMIG Skin Repair & Relief User Guide: small drop=fingertips; medium drop=elbows, and largest drop=heels. Winter skin problems, gone.

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Ban cracked fingertips this winter

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“It is so wonderful not having all of the problems I normally face with cracked fingertips!! Often when they stay irritated, it leads to infections that make me miserable and hinders my ability to work with my hands.”

Comments from our KMIG fans are always welcome and with winter well underway in some parts of the country, we know those fingertip issues are already at work.  Pick up some KMIG Skin Repair & Relief today.

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Temperature plunge signals dry skin season

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Ice skating, National Gallery


There is really no doubt now about the arrival of winter.  Wind chill in DC this morning was a blustery 19 degrees.  To have November’s weather compared to last February makes you quickly realize that going outside today will require layers upon layers.  KMIG’s ability to deal with a variety of skin issues is well documented, but one we haven’t talked about in many months is windburn.  If you return from walking, running, skiing or ice skating and realize your face has suffered from the combination of cold and wind, just smooth a bit of KMIG on and relief will be immediate.

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Issue-free skin for the winter

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Your skin


Skin, the largest organ in the body accounts for 12-15% of our total body weight. With snow, frigid temperatures and gale force winds popping up in numerous parts of the country, now is the time to be proactive and treat those spots of dermatitis and eczema. Make this winter the one with no skin problems.

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Uh, oh… The itchy back returns

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With the sudden change in weather, itchy back season must be upon us.  Unlike this terrific elephant from Smithsonian’s National Zoo, most of us have trouble getting relief from that itch right in the middle of our back.  Check our “Resource” section for the perfect way to apply lotion to that unreachable spot on your back.  To be itch-free all day = relief!

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Winter itch is on the way

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Fall-Rock Creek


Even though we are enjoying one last gasp of fall here in DC, we have been warned about what kind of winter weather we can expect this year.  And along with all of that cold, dry air will come the infamous “winter itch” many of us experience.  Get started early this year and pre-treat your skin with some daily post-shower KMIG.  You will see the difference almost immediately.

Photo of Rock Creek Park as viewed from the Connecticut Ave bridge by Ian Livingston

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