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Orphaned orangutans need our assistance

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French orangutan


As part of Orangutan Caring Week, KMIG would like to suggest a completely different gift idea for someone on your shopping list this year. The adoption of an orphaned orangutan not only helps these endangered primates, it also puts their plight in front of new eyes. Please visit Orangutan Outreach (www.redapes.org) and check out the list of adoptees. The Kiss My Itch Goodbye family of adopted orangutans now numbers 8; please join us in supporting these wonderful primates. What more perfect gift than being a small part of returning orphaned orangutans to the wild.

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Enjoy the pre-winter weather

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Everyone enjoys beautiful fall weather, and it also allows us time to prepare for the thought of winter.  Once the heat comes on and the indoor air turns dry, our skin reacts.  This year, be proactive and start adding a dollop of KMIG to your daily skin care lotion.  And when dry, itchy spots appear, treat directly with soothing, organic Kiss My Itch Goodbye.

Carl Sandburg Home, western NC – Photo, Allen Richon

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Itchy dog skin, no problem

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Sleeping puppies

Did you know that Kiss My Itch Goodbye is available for dogs?

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Business Superstar features an interview with KMIG’s CEO, Merry Richon

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Business Superstar logo



| 09.07.2015

Merry Richon is an entrepreneur and the Founder of Kiss My Itch Goodbye, a safe and organic means of alleviating the symptoms of chronic itch and irritated skin. We spoke with her about what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Click here to read the interview: http://www.business-superstar.com/superstar-of-the-week/merry-richon-ceo-of-kiss-my-itch-goodbye-washington-d-c/

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Dogs and chemicals… A dangerous combination

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Check out this piece just posted by Dogs Naturally Magazine.  Dog lovers know how difficult it can be to treat their pet’s itchy skin so read through this list of chemicals and perhaps you can avoid some canine skin problems before they start.


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How to deal with the seemingly intractable itch

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Chronic Itch?



If an itch just won’t go away no matter how much you scratch, it must be time to apply our homeopathic lotion, Kiss My Itch Goodbye…

Lion cub, National Zoo

Photo – Allen Richon

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Yards + gardening = insect bites

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I’ve noticed that whenever I hang out in the yard, weeding or eating the occasional plant, I seem to have problems with insect bites… Wonder if someone might share some KMIG with me?

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