Long Lasting Itch Relief

Questions about skin irritation?

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If you have questions about what types of skin problems can be treated by Kiss My Itch Goodbye, please refer to our FAQs, or drop us an e-mail.  We would enjoy hearing from you.

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Relief for summer skin problems

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Keeping a low profile may not be the best prevention for skin irritation. Is it time to try an all-natural remedy for fast relief?  KMIG is organic, gluten-free and contains soothing ingredients that will make irritated skin feel better quickly.


Meerkat, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Photo – Allen Richon

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Happy Mother’s Day

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We would like to wish the mothers who make so many lives better a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Giant Pandas Bei Bei and Mei Xiang, National Zoo

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Plan ahead

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Planning ahead is always a good idea (ask Bonnie who is carrying a snack for her trip across the O-Line). For some, just remembering to take Kiss My Itch Goodbye along when camping, boating, or heading out to a picnic will quickly deal with any insect or poison ivy problems that may arise.

Bonnie, National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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Earth Day 2016

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Earth Day4


“The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

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Sensitive skin

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2015_07_25-ElephantBathSurprisingly, much like humans, elephants have very sensitive skin. While they probably don’t have organic lotion options, everyone else can try KMIG on skin problems of all types.  Order on-line today; free shipping.


Elephant, National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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What is everyone looking at?

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What is so interesting over there? Is the word finally out about organic gluten-free skin products??  For those who haven’t experienced all natural relief to skin irritations, order some Kiss My Itch Goodbye today.

Asian small-clawed otters, National Zoo – Photo, Allen Richon

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