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What do people who tested samples of kmig Skin Repair lotion have to say? Here is just a small sample of the unsolicited comments we have received during our recent studies

Anyone who has undergone radiation treatment understands the need to find relief from the burning sensation that results during treatment. I am pleased to find an organic product that is soothing and lessens the itch I have experienced as my skin heals.  (JPM)

I love love love this stuff; nothing has ever worked. I get compliments every day on how nice my skin looks. (JW)

Yesterday, I had an itch on the back of my neck; scratched and scratched!  My wife said there was a red place about the size of a quarter and remembered the sample you had given her.  She rubbed some on and it immediately quit itching.  Has not itched today and there is little evidence it was ever there.  I’m a believer.  (MB)

I have been struggling with itchy patches for some months.  I’ve tried many lotions, but nothing really helped – except kmig Skin Repair lotion!  It was an amazing difference; the itchiness went away faster and hasn’t been back. (JF)

So, I was working in the garage yesterday and got two spider bites on my forearm. Ordinarily that would have meant a lot of swelling and itching, etc. for me. Mike had given me this stuff called kmig Skin Repair lotion and I decided to give it a try. I rubbed some on, and today I only have the little red dots leftover from the bite itself. I am amazed, actually. The last time I got bitten similarly it took over a week to heal. No, I’m not being paid for the “testimonial”. I’m just impressed and thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. It says on their web site that they also have products for pets. It also lists a whole bunch of things it treats… (MB)

I finally got to put kmig Skin Repair lotion to a major test. I came back from Savannah with what felt like a million chigger bites. I almost called the doctor from there to get a prescription for something it was so bad and irritating. Used the lotion when I got home and got immediate relief. I will be keeping my extra bottle in the motorhome and ordering more !!!!!  I tried cortisone and all kinds of stuff on the road. I was going crazzzzzzy. So much better now. (RPH)

kmig Skin Repair lotion is a superb product answering the need for such a lotion made from natural ingredients.  The instant relief is significant! (JJ)

I have been faithfully using kmig Skin Repair lotion for dry heels and it is miraculous! Sometimes in winter they get so dry they will crack and sometimes bleed. Now, they are as smooth as a baby’s bottom and I’m letting all of my friends know. (MM)

Our friends have developed a wonderful all natural product, kmig Skin Repair lotion! I was fortunate enough to test this product!! I have so many skin breakouts and allergies….and this summer I have been stung many times and had three bouts of chiggers!! This product has worked amazingly well for me!! If you are at one one the Bluebird rallies I am attending, ask for a free sample. The company has given me a limited amount and I will be happy to share. This is my own opinion of their product and when I find something that works this well, I want to share! (NB)

I have had a problem with very dry, scaly skin on my lower arms and lower legs. I tried numerous lotions, creams etc. no real results. I remembered that a doctor had tried kmig Skin Repair lotion and in the application it had healed a skin problem on his hand!  We had a sample bottle, so decided to see if it would help my problem. After 5 days, once a day application, “kiss my itch(dry skin)goodbye” worked!  Thank you.

I must tell you that your anti-itch cream really did the trick for me. (HN)

“kmig Skin Repair lotion is Awesome!” – says a friend in NC, where mosquitoes and flies have been particularly bad this year. This echoes comments from friends and family across the country who have been universally impressed with this lotion. (DS)

Our dog got into an ant bed not too long ago. I used my the lotion on her…it worked!

I have to admit after cycling in this morning my legs were stinging from the kicked up asphalt – I put some kmig Skin Repair lotion on and it solved the problem immediately. Thank you! (GN)

What can I say – my Dad and I think it is great and use it daily! (JMc)

I’m not sure what managed to get inside the leg of my pants, but it quickly stung me and left.  After two applications of kmig Skin Repair lotion, I never noticed it again.  (DH)

BTW I have used a ton of kmig Skin Repair lotion this summer.  Being outside a lot plays havoc with my arms and legs and neck. So thanks for the cream! (Betsy)

Have my essentials! Was introduced to kmig Skin Repair lotion recently and now my friends are addicted! My daughter had a horrible bug bite on her foot, used it and she was better instantly!

Photo of Kiss My Itch Goodbye

Yesterday, I burned a spot on the inside of my lower arm taking something out of the oven. Rather than the usual treatment of cold water, I rubbed a little kmig Skin Repair lotion on it, taking the ‘sting’ out of my arm and this morning, there is no discomfort – no blister – just a flat, slightly reddish mark on my arm!!!! This result after the initial treatment!! (JH)

From a user who received multiple bee stings recently … “Still swollen but thanks to kmig Skin Repair lotion not itching!!” (NB)

On three chigger bites I recently had, it surpassed everything I had done in past years for the itching. In fact, after using it for two days, I didn’t even have an itch.  Not so in the past when using other stuff, including Benadryl! (JJS)

Lots of boating, fishing, and generally a good time. Merry – you will be pleased to know that we put a very big dent in the lotion. It is mosquito and biting fly season in Wisconsin and they are vicious, persistent little buggers. We all used kmig Skin Repair lotion to soothe the bites and make our time more enjoyable. (DS)

I had a mean bee sting last week and it began itching and swelling before I could get into my house. As soon as I entered, I grabbed the kmig Skin Repair lotion and applied it to the site. Within 5 minutes, the itching had ceased and the swelling stopped! WOW! (KMM)

We love your product…and I’m certain we’ll be keeping our home well stocked with kmig Skin Repair lotion for many summers to come! 🙂 (AY)

So happy you introduced me to this SPECTACULAR product!! I am using it daily after working in the woods cleaning our much neglected trails. Yesterday afternoon “something” got in my sleeve with me. Before I could eject/smash it bit me in three places. kmig Skin Repair lotion to the rescue.!! Thank you!! (NB)

As an avid gardener and someone who enjoys being outdoors I keep my lotion nearby for every little bump and itch. It works so well I use it all the time. (BF)

My new favorite summer “beauty product” is kmig Skin Repair lotion. For bites, rashes, itch and sunburn I have just the thing. (Gina)

My sample just arrived and I wondered how long it would be before I had something to test it on but as soon as I was out watering plants and pulling some weeds after work last night, I ended up with three bug bites, so was able to put it to use right away! Lovely feel when you put it on and it absorbs very well, without being tacky or greasy as most of the store items do. After a minute the itchy feeling was gone, so a wonderful first impression! (MH)

I have used kmig Skin Repair lotion twice this week on unknown and unsuspecting creatures and probably more to come. Thanks for inventing it! (BFF)

On a kmig Skin Repair lotion note, it is fantastic! Roger and the boys have been using it all spring and summer, especially being at the farm with mosquitoes and chiggers; couldn’t do without it! (LRS)

As the reigning Rash Queen I hereby proclaim kmig Skin Repair lotion a miracle. No scent to fight with my perfume, disappears on my skin and I can use it on my dog & not worry if either of us eats it!!! (Amy)

Thank you Merry for the kmig Skin Repair lotion sample! I went camping last weekend and received some dreadful bites that I thought would drive me nuts, and that I would end up scratching until bloody. kmig Skin Repair lotion to the rescue! Not only did I get immediate relief from the itching, but I do believe that much of the redness went away as a result of the product. This is the first time ever I have had relief from the itch and pain from a bug bite. Bless you! (BFS)

WOW! This product is incredible. The itch stopped at the first touch. I was truly amazed at the impact this salve has on any skin problem. Not only will I endorse it, I will be buying it when it is available in my local market area. Please publish the local vendors of this product or is it an on-line item? BOTTOM LINE IS: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. IT IS A REAL WINNER. (when using this product I would advise – a little bit goes a LONG way- take care in the amount that you squeeze out of the tube) (M.D.)

My itch is the result of two small surgical scars on my back. When applied the itch stopped immediately. (Sandy)

The relief was instant and it made my skin softer. (Patty)

I love this product. It was soothing and worked. Helped the bug bites heal quickly. Totally excellent. (J.F.)

I have a small area on my right arm that has a recurring itch. No specific cause. This cream relieved the itch in about 5 minutes. The relief lasted from 3 to 6 hours on various occasions (P.D.)

Enjoying the great outdoors has not been possible due to severe swelling and itching from no-see-um bites on my scalp. kmig Skin Repair lotion immediately stops the itching and even the swelling is reduced. (JMH)

Phantom itching on my left thigh has plagued me for several years…..until kmig Skin Repair lotion was applied and like magic – the itch disappeared! Great product! (Jeanne)

My daughter-in-law had a big ole bite on her knee. One application and no more itch till later in the eve!! Love this product! Thank you!! (NB)

For years, I have been using two prescription medications for the severe itch I experience on my torso, arms and legs. These relieved the itch for a few minutes up to an hour, no more. kmig Skin Repair lotion provides instant relief, which lasts 24 to 48 hours. What a difference this is for me in controlling my severe itch! (Jim S.)

It is so wonderful not having all of the problems I normally face with the cracked fingers!! Often when they stay irritated, it leads to infections that make me miserable and hinders my ability to work with my hands, even little things like hooking my bra, opening cans, bottles, etc. I consider kmig Skin Repair lotion a god-send! (KMM)

It looks like your lotion is effective for many conditions. You’ve created a winner here, Merry! (JS)

I’ve used the lotion on my dog and it is amazing; the lotion continues to work well for me. Let me know when it’s live so I can buy some. (GMN)

Just used your magic potion/lotion. It worked beautifully. Something caused an itching on my lower right arm just above my wrist. Have no idea what it was, but I have long nails. It doesn’t take much to get my skin raw. I put on a bit of kmig Skin Repair lotion. The itching stopped immediately! Truly amazing. (NS)

Following the nightly application on the poison ivy and the “everyday” itch on his legs, both are greatly improved; almost gone. Amazing stuff! (John)

I love the fact that it has natural ingredients so I feel there are more uses for it. I lost part of my toenail through injury and during the winter sometimes it is an affected area anyway. This was just placed on the skin and it does seem to keep the area in good condition. I see that poison ivy is mentioned – that is information I want to pass along to people I know. (Eve)

I have a small area on my right arm that has a recurring itch. No specific cause. This cream relieved the itch in about 5 minutes. The relief lasted from 3 to 6 hours on various occasions. It has a rather thick consistency so took a little longer to rub in and absorb than other lotions, but once absorbed, it did the job. (Donna)

I am a member of a crew of folks who, weekly, maintain our church grounds. I am a high risk for problems resulting in bites from all insects and must carry an EpiPen in case I am stung. On this occasion, I had just arrived on the church grounds and entered a storage building to get some tools when I was bitten on the right side of my temple. I was able to get my “Anti-Itch” cream within 15 minutes and quickly applied it. The site was beginning to swell as well as itch and I became very concerned. After applying your cream, the itch ceased! It wasn’t long before the swelling had quit and was disappearing. I have never experienced such a quick relief from any product I have ever used! I have used a lot! I will make sure that I always have this product with me wherever I go. (Bill)