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Winter Itch

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014




Stop Winter Itch Now!


Do you wonder why there are so many anti-itch products on the pharmacy and grocery store shelves yet none of them seem to work nor do they provide long-lasting relief? This is precisely the question that prompted the formulation of a simple product composed of natural ingredients that really does work. In an effort to find a product that actually stops the irritating itch that follows a mosquito bite or the even more annoying itching frenzy caused by biting midges or no-see-ums, the team at Kiss My Itch Goodbye created a soothing all-natural lotion that works on a much wider range of problems.


People around the country participating in tests on issues as diverse as idiopathic itching, the itch associated with psoriasis and diabetes, seborrhea dermatitis, cracked fingertips, or mosquito, spider and no-see-um bites have all reported immediate relief. Statistics from tests of Kiss My Itch Goodbye® covering a range of issues that cause itching as well as numerous other skin-related problems have shown 98% effectiveness when the product is applied promptly; 95% of our testers have stated that Kiss My Itch Goodbye® worked more effectively than anything they have tried including prescription medications.


Winter has officially arrived and with it all of the skin-related issues we have come to dread… Winter itch, cracked fingertips and more. Conservatively, at least 25% of the population suffers from some form of winter itch. If you are dealing with any of these seasonal problems, Kiss My Itch Goodbye® will provide immediate and long-lasting relief. And don’t forget your pup who also has itchy skin, at least occasionally. Kiss My Itch Goodbye® for pets will quickly bring relief to your pet, and to you.


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