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The Story Behind Kiss My Itch

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014


Itching is a seasonal rite for some and an all-year battle for others. Winning that conflict, or lessening the severity of that itching sensation induced by pests, pets, allergies and unexpected events, is the essence of Kiss My Itch Goodbye® – the anti-itch product – we also have a separate line for dogs and cats – that casts aside all the pills, powders and prescription medications that may (at best) temporarily abate this symptom to scratch and pick (and scratch some more).


Indeed, Kiss My Itch Goodbye® is the result of a bite of inspiration, so to speak: A reddish, itchy bump, a sign of initiation among residents of Washington, DC, where the summer heat and humidity make the nation’s capital seem like an equatorial zone of monsoon floods, record temperatures and unrelenting discomfort. That “dining scratch” from a mosquito’s feeding needle, the cause for Kiss My Itch Goodbye®, is the reason consumers now have an all-natural, safe alternative to fighting the itches from these pesky pests and other sources of skin irritation.


Thanks to a lot of investigation on my part, and invaluable expertise from a chemist I trust, who also happens to be my husband, I – no, we – now have a lotion with seven simple ingredients, in addition to distilled water. This formula, created from scratch (pun intended), is our answer to every bite, bump, bruise or blister that eludes treatment by steroids and other conventional dermatological products.


And, while we understand that each individual (as well as each pet) has their own specific condition that may be responsible for intense itching, we seek to give every person a choice: An opportunity to try our lotion, with ingredients sourced and Made in America.


Best of all, you do not need a degree in chemistry to understand the active agents in each tube of Kiss My Itch Goodbye®.


Convenient, compact, affordable and popular among current users, Kiss My Itch Goodbye® is my answer to that perennial question: How can I stop, or at least reduce, the itching?


Put a different way: How can I Kiss My Itch Goodbye? The question asks and answers itself.


With dedication and optimism, I present this product to you.


–Merry Ambos Richon
Washington, DC