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Diabetic Itch – Whole Foods Magazine Article

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While summer is a season most of us embrace, it can be difficult for people dealing with chronic problems that are often exacerbated by warm weather. Please share this informative article from the Whole Foods Magazine with family and friends who are dealing with diabetes.

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Pack your organic itch relief lotion and enjoy getting outside again

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The time is finally here to think OUTDOORS! Don’t miss this great piece in Whole Foods Magazine that reminds us that being green is a good thing…

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Phantom Itch – A frustrating skin problem

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Scratching backMillions of us suffer with itchy skin that has no easily diagnosed nor understood cause.  Although there is generally no evidence of a problem  or noticeable irritation on the area that itches, this does not mean that the itch isn’t something that must be dealt with on a daily basis.  This latest post in the Whole Foods Magazine (http://www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/…/phantom-menace-discomfo…) sheds light on the problem of “phantom” itch and provides ways in which we can deal with this sometimes life-altering issue.

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Diabetes, a growing concern

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Stop Diabetes sign

Diabetes currently has no cure and impacts more lives every year. Until there is a scientific breakthrough that will stop this dreaded disease in its tracks, people dealing with the problems associated with diabetes need options. We hope you will share the information in this Whole Foods Magazine article with family and friends (http://www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/…/debilitated-diabetes-co…)

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Rosacea, a major problem in need of solutions

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Please share this link with anyone you know who suffers with rosacea. This is such a major problem both physically and psychologically. An all-natural option for alleviating the redness and outbreaks is a welcome change. The Whole Foods Magazine realizes the importance of sharing this information:

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