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Glimpse Blog Review

July 18, 2014
Glimpse Blog Review

How Mommy Bloggers get itch relief


Don’t miss this terrific review just posted on the Glimpse blog (http://glimpse-reviews.blogspot.ca/2014/07/kiss-that-itch-goodbye-giveaway.html). Just one excerpt from a blogger who recently used the product to relieve her family’s itch:

“Over the past years I’ve tried a variety of different products, creams, natural remedies, etc. None of them have really been able to get rid of the itch in the way that I had been hoping for. They might ‘calm’ the itch somewhat – but that’s about as far as the remedies I’ve tried have taken us. Recently I was introduced to a new product though, and I’ll admit, I agreed to try it out but with an attitude of “it probably won’t work any better than the other natural remedies we’ve tried!” This time, I’ve been forced to ‘eat my words!’ Kiss My Itch Goodbye has FAR exceeded my expectations and has been providing us with almost instant relief from all our itchy bites. Even my kids agree that it works FAR better than anything else we’ve tried.”