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Adios To That Itch

August 20, 2014


Posted on Joy of Momma Joyner


Say Adios To That Itch With Kiss My Itch Goodbye!


I love Summer! I love the warm weather and the long evenings. We have gotten A LOT of rain this summer, more than normal! I am loving that too!

One thing that comes with rain that I am NOT loving? The mosquitoes. Pesky little things. We have been trying to keep some bug repellent on the kids and ourselves as much as possible, but of course, we have all gotten bitten a few times. When we are itchy we reach for our Kiss My Itch Goodbye Cream!

This cream is great for sunburn itch and bug bite itch. It’s a nice thick creamy texture that goes on well and stays on. It really helps calm that itch! Many of the he ingredients in this cream are certified organic, they are all natural, and gluten free. There are no dyes or perfumes, so it could be safe for sensitive skin types as well.

When you et a burn or a bite that is bugging you, put on a bit of the cream and it’ll take the itch away almost immediately. I really like this because Little Man will scratch and scratch, no matter how much I tell him not to. So having this bottle handy when we are outside is helpful.

You can get 2 different sizes of bottles. They have a 4oz bottle with a pump on it, and a 2oz bottle. I love the 2oz bottle because it’s small and can easily fit in my diaper bag. If we are out, and we get bug bites, I can grab the little bottle and put a bit on.

You can find the Kiss My Itch Goodbye on their website. This cream really works! As we move into Fall and the bugs come out more and more, don’t get caught without your Kiss My Itch Goodbye cream!