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September 4, 2014

Mosquito Bite Problem – Solved

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Itching is a seasonal rite for some and an all-year battle for others. Winning that conflict, or lessening the severity of that itching sensation induced by pests, pets, allergies and unexpected events, is the essence of Kiss My Itch Goodbye®

I was sent a small sample of Kiss My Itch Goodbye. I’ve never heard of this product before but I thought something must be good because it basically describes my situation which is the title of the brand and I was just dying to try out this product for myself to try it out and see what the outcome was for me. I know during the summer time we all struggle with getting bit by mosquito’s and dread that ever itching sensation well that is me because they usually turn into scabs or scars which are terrible, but I simply can’t help it honestly. I am always constantly itching I just have to I don’t know what causes it maybe stress no idea really. When I used this product I noticed that I wasn’t itching as much on my arms which felt really good but there is always that reminder in my head that I need to itch that but shouldn’t and just let it be, so when I feel that need to I always get out my Kiss My Itch Goodbye lotion and use it which helps me a lot.