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KMIG Itch Relief


KMIG Itch Relief™ is an all natural approach to managing itch. It is a safe, plant-based, steroid free lotion that is ideal for bug bites, poison oak, poison ivy, idiopathic itch or any other minor skin irritation.


KMIG Itch Relief™ is many things, a labor of love, a must-have travel accessory, a salve, a balm, a pocket companion and a source of relief. But KMIG Itch Relief™ is also intelligible; its clarity, as a brand, is absolute and its popularity, among consumers, is without dispute. Still, look for what you do not see: No artificial dyes, no steroids, no parabens, no harmful agents, no hard-to-pronounce chemical compounds and no pharmaceutical parlance. Nothing, but natural ingredients.

The “secret,” dear readers and scratching compatriots, is simplicity: What you read, on each bottle, pump and combo pack, is what you get – a safe and effective (for many) way to, well, kiss your itch goodbye. No more confusion about protection or possible complications. No more high-priced creams, pills, powders and concoctions.

In addition to the variety of products we soon will offer, there are three words – simple (like our ingredients) in construction, and profound in their meaning – that make Kiss My Itch Goodbye® an emblem of pride and a source of strength: Made in America.

We do not outsource our manufacturing overseas. Our quality control standards are high because our personal investment, in our customers and supporters, is supreme. We do not forsake people for profits because, like the ripples of red, white and blue on the American flag, with these primary colors of national principle Kiss My Itch Goodbye® upholds our own sacred principle – to you.

We will always do our best, to give you the best, so you may enjoy relief from the itching sensation and discomfort we know all too well.

With transparency and choice, the products and testimonials on this page are here for your benefit.



Please contact us with questions about the progress of our product development at Kiss My Itch Goodbye® or with questions/comments about our products. We are available at (828)817-9811 or email us at merry@kissmyitchgoodbye.com.


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