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2015 News Releases


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September 7, 2015 – Merry’s interview with Phil Hall on Superstar of the week


Dogs Naturally logo August 31, 2015 – Merry recently discussed some of the household products that can contribute to Canine Itch.



wholefoods_logo June 5, 2015Gardening East of Eden and West of the Drugstore: Safety for Your Backyard. Need an organic, homeopathic way to fight the insect bites you get in the garden? Originally Posted on The Whole Foods Magazine Website.


wholefoods_logo February 27, 2015 – This KMIG article from Whole Foods Magazine, “The Ultimate Taste Test” provides guidelines for tracking problems to diet which will allow us to make decisions about the products we buy and consume.


wholefoods_logo February 13, 2015 KMIG is very excited to be featured in the Whole Foods Magazine. The focus of this article, “Awareness and Action: Identifying the Chemicals and Toxins Responsible for Chronic Skin Conditions” highlights the impact of chemicals in our environment and the potential harm they cause to skin.



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