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As much as we love our canine companions for all their kisses, barks, howls and mischievous antics, dogs are more than our best friends – they are family. So, when we see them scratch (and scratch, and scratch some more) at some insatiable itch, we do, indeed, feel their pain. And, for every kiss your puppy gives you or your furry sidekick offers by way of communication, here is a kiss of reciprocity: Kiss My Itch Goodbye® is safe and often quite effective for dogs.

Remember, too, that pets have extremely sensitive skin; we have the veterinary visits – and the memories of trying to get our own dog to swallow a pill – to prove it. For this very reason, because we have unconditional love for pets, and because you want the best for your dog . . . we have a customized product for your four-legged buddy, which is worthy of a woof or a lick.

Therein lies the “secret” of Kiss My Itch Goodbye®: Love. For, as pet owners and dog lovers, we will not risk the health of such a precious creature by giving it needless medications and potentially harmful chemicals, shots, steroids and heavily restricted diets.

Made with the same attention to quality, and backed by the same commitment to excellence and transparency, Kiss My Itch Goodbye® is a must-have resource for a dog who wants to bury that itch – forever!


Please contact us with questions about the progress of our product development at Kiss My Itch Goodbye® or with questions/comments about our products. We are available at (828)817-9811 or email us at merry@kissmyitchgoodbye.com.


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