Long Lasting Skin Care


Is it time to consider new options for irritated skin?

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Following the crowd when treating skin problems isn’t necessarily the solution your skin requires. Think outside the box and consider an organic, gluten-free option.




Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Bei Bei, National Zoo

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Idiopathic itch

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Pruritus: Itching. Pruritus can result from drug reaction, food allergy, kidney or liver disease, cancers, parasites, aging or dry skin, contact skin reaction, such as poison ivy, and for unknown reasons.

Perhaps a word we don’t encounter daily, but something everyone understands – pruritus, or itching. Frequently, the cause is known, but in many cases, the skin on a shoulder, arm, leg or back just itches with no cause that can be diagnosed. We have heard from numerous people who use Kiss My Itch Goodbye with great success when these problems arise. It’s wonderful to find a solution even when the cause is still undetermined.



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Poison Ivy

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As we move into fall, skin irritations from poison ivy are still a problem and as the leaves drop off the vines, contact becomes more difficult to avoid. Keep some KMIG on hand for itch associated with poison ivy as well as winter itch which will become a problem for many in the next few months.

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Rosacea and organic options for treatment

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Although Kiss My Itch Goodbye was originally created to alleviate the itch associated with a number of different skin irritations, it is also being successfully used by people dealing with rosacea. KMIG offers an all-natural plant-based lotion that can be applied as needed to lessen the many side effects that people with rosacea deal with daily.

We are currently seeking people who are interested in testing the product for rosacea. For details, please send a note to merry@kissmyitchgoodbye.com.

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Summer camp

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Summer camp season is in full swing. Don’t forget that small container of Kiss My Itch Goodbye to aid your camper with skin irritations associated with bites, stings and poison ivy.

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Importance of staying hydrated

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Summer is here and among the many things we need to remember such as frequent application of sunscreen, is also the the importance of staying hydrated. And for those unexpected bites, stings and mild sunburns, have some KMIG on hand.

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